The Best Camera App You’re Not Using.

If you’re looking for a camera app to replace the native one on your iPhone, there are plenty. Many are better at a few things, some are better at most things but none are better at everything. Which means you’ll probably keep the Apple camera app as a backup. In that case, why not look for an app that complements, rather than replaces the old standby?

Great idea! So what’s the opposite of an Apple camera app? Microsoft Pix. Yes it exists, yes it’s made for iPhone, and here are four reasons to try it.

  1. Photosynth

This is great stitching technology that Microsoft pioneered and then open-sourced so others could improve it. It’s like pano mode everywhere so it builds the photo in any direction you move the camera. Create ultra-high-res images with freedom. Works best outdoors, where the most everywhere are.

  1. Facial Enhancement

Think automatic makeup. Not lipstick and eyeliner, but very natural skin smoothing.

  1. Comix

Shoot a short video and Pix will select a few of the best frames. You can even add text in thought bubbles. Works equally well on non-cat videos but that probably doesn’t matter does it?

  1. Style

Of course, you can add filters but these are something else entirely. The best are artistic brush-stroke re-rendering effects that make photos look like art. And, something that sounds unimpressive in the description but is actually mesmerizing in action: animations that redraw your stylized artwork into existence. Must see. Must share.


There you have it. The anti-camera app that is nothing like Apple is perfect for it!


Learn more and download Microsoft Pix on the App Store


Around And Around And Back Home Again

There were once so many different slide projectors on the market that your local camera store probably stocked more than 100 different types of replacement bulbs to be sure they had the one you needed. The most popular by far, was the Kodak Carousel projector introduced in 1964. It was also one of the longest-running, produced in some variation through 2004.

Slide film was the first to capture rich, saturated colors that sparked a new romance with photography. Slide projectors were the revolution that allowed every hobbyist to relive and share their own photos in an experience otherwise known only to Hollywood.

The hit series Mad Men based a 2007 episode on the magical marketing campaign that bestowed Eastman Kodak’s “Wheel” with the now famous name, “Carousel,” pitched as the magic machine that let you travel through your memories as a child would. “Around and around and back home again, to a place where we know we are loved,” quipped the advertising pioneers.

That dramatization is fictional but it is likely that Kodak used the name CAMEROSITY in some early development. You can use it to decipher the serial number into a date of manufacture, where C=1, A=2, M=3, and so on.

If you still have a carousel projector in working condition, it’s worth hanging onto. Some are being converted with LED bulbs into automated slide scanners. And with slide film still in production and the resurgence of 35mm film cameras, you might even view your next vacation through one!